Pop Art

Pop art is characterized by a deconstruction of images seen in popular culture. This is considered pop art because it pops in colors. Some on Andy’s work is a screen print in a square on a large photo with 4 of the screen prints in different colors. I picked this artist because I liked his work.

Camera Modes

MANUAL In this mode you have full control over your camera and need to think about all settings including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, flash etc. It gives you the flexibility to set your shots up as you wish. AUTOMATIC Auto mode tells your camera to use its best judgement to select shutter speed, […]

White balance

White balance is the process of removing any color casts from your photos. You might also hear people refer to it as color balance, as it allows you to change the white point in your camera. Without this setting on your camera, all of your photos would look too blue or yellow because our eyes […]